What is pre-shipment financing?

Pre-shipment finance generally covers a working capital facility to fund the purchase or production of goods for a confirmed import or export order. Import/Export orders are typical for local Australian manufacturers, producers, assemblers, and distributors. Operators require working capital to cover a purchase order from an overseas buyer to purchase raw materials for subsequent manufacturing […]

GUIDE: Securing Export Factoring for your clients

Sourcing domestic invoice factoring will uncover a plethora of options but, locking down a solution for clients that export to overseas customers can be challenging. In the business of exporting, owners quickly become aware they need to reach a wide customer base and only extend credit to high-quality customers or risk taking a loss. Of […]

Guide: How and when to finance your international sales

International businesses understand the importance of cash flow. Without access to liquid funds, growth slows, and competitors start to take up the market around you. Unless your business has unlimited access to working capital, cash must be sourced externally. There are other solutions available, however, meeting the unique challenges associated with international sales and can […]