Competitors or Match Made in Heaven: Invoice Factoring Vs Purchase Order Finance

For entrepreneurs and business owners, supply chains have had a transformative effect upending traditional inventory models and creating opportunities for many lenders. Still, factors, in particular, need to find new ways to support companies during critical periods of growth. Unexpected extraordinary amounts of capital injected to fulfil sales orders can generate significant benefits for the […]

The mystery relationship between factors and purchase order financiers

Even seasoned veterans of purchase order financing can still be surprised by the misconception by some lenders and factors as to what purchase order financing is. Properly characterised as “structured inventory financing”, this insight will discuss how entrepreneurial lenders can lift the veil on the misconceptions of when to lean on a purchase order financing specialist. When […]

Why are Invoice Financing Volumes So High in Australia?

This past year, global invoice financing volumes reached USD$3.1 trillion, a staggering 20% change according to Factors Chain international. Receivables finance growth was particularly drastic in Australia (Sitting at AUD $73.7 billion), driven primarily by banks and second-tier providers in the sector. Asia Pacific growth was also up 18%, with a particular increase in China. […]