What is Production Funding? | Trade Finance Insights

Funding inventory internally or from external debt sources is a key component for any manufacturer. Having capital tied up in inventory is a balancing act of fulfilling work in progress, understanding your cash conversion cycle and ensuring that you have adequate funds for the entire operation to run efficiently. The process of transforming finished resources […]

Brokers & Factors Can Now Offer Structured Inventory Finance: 3 Client Scenarios

Commercial finance brokers and factors deal in often complex funding scenarios, with the “vanilla deal” often unseen. Most brokers and factors that play in this space relish the challenge of injecting value into their client base. Funding sources need to allow flexibility, expertise, and readiness to fund scenarios that require “outside the box” working capital. […]

Cash Flow Game Changers: 5 Key Insights to Help You Unleash Working Capital

The business ecosystem’s unpredictability is compounding at an astounding rate. New competition appears every day, technology is driving rapid innovation and businesses struggle to stay afloat. The median life expectancy of an ASX 500 company is now only 10 years (Australian Institute of Company Directors). Companies are now aware that cash is crucial to funding […]

Why are Invoice Financing Volumes So High in Australia?

This past year, global invoice financing volumes reached USD$3.1 trillion, a staggering 20% change according to Factors Chain international. Receivables finance growth was particularly drastic in Australia (Sitting at AUD $73.7 billion), driven primarily by banks and second-tier providers in the sector. Asia Pacific growth was also up 18%, with a particular increase in China. […]

Trade finance for startups: Using the lenders money to profit

Image credit: Michele Marconi Arguably the hardest time to source working capital is in the first two years of trading. Growing a new business exhausts profits with wages, advertising and fixed costs. Compounding the issue is the need to show profitability if you’re seeking to raise capital from banks to expand. Traditional lenders are more concerned […]